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What is Caller ID Spoofing?

To spoof caller ID, a person changes the number that shows up on the call display of the person they are calling. In other words, instead of simply calling a number and having your real phone number show up, you can manipulate it to have any number you want show up. When spoofing your telephone number, you can also have a different name show up on the caller ID as well.

It's a fun concept to think of a caller ID displaying "Santa Clause" with the number 111-555-3434.

Caller ID Spoofing Service Providers:

The first mainstream company to spoof caller ID was and established in 2004. There are now several different caller id spoofing companies available. The most popular include and There are countless more spoofing websites; however, many of them are managed by the same organization. For instance, the operators of the popular spoofing website "Spoofcard" also operate numerous websites which are listed under different names. Therefore, if a customer becomes dissatisfied with the service they are receiving from one website, chances are high they may sign up to another site that may be run by the same company (even though it's listed under a different name).

Spooftel, as well as Spoofem, are websites that operate solely under those names. In other words, the operators of Spooftel and Spoofem do not pose under any other names so that you can be sure you are at authentic "Spooftel" and "Spoofem" websites.

The lesser expensive caller ID spoofing websites and, although competitors, offer very similar services and rates. The cost of using caller ID spoofing services is fairly reasonable. Typically, prices begin at about ten cents per minute if the call is within North America. That equals just one dollar per ten minute phone call. The cost of privacy is definitely worth ten cents a minute.

In addition to offering low cost caller id spoofing, some companies, such as Spooftel, offer SMS spoofing, voice changing, and call recording services. Conference calling is also available through several caller id spoofing companies.

Why use caller ID spoofing?

Often, caller id spoofing is used to make prank phone calls; however, caller id spoofing is necessary in various situations. As written on Wikipedia:

  • There are legitimate reasons for modifying the caller ID sent with a call.
  • Commercial answering-service bureaus which forward calls back out to a subscriber's cell phone, when both parties would prefer the CNID to display the original caller's information.
  • Most calling-card companies display the Caller ID of the calling-card user to the called party.
  • Business owners have been known to use Caller ID spoofing to display their business number on the Caller ID display when calling from outside the office (for example, on a mobile phone).
  • Skype users can assign a Caller ID number in order to prevent their Skype-Out calls being screened by the called party (the default Skype Caller ID in the USA is 000123456). However, despite verification of Caller ID number by Skype, pre-paid cell phones, payphones, free DIDs, or other disposable phones numbers could be used to spoof a non-traceable call-back number.
  • Google Voice displays its users Google Voice number when they place calls through the service using their landline or cell phone.

  • How to Use a Caller ID Spoofing Service:

    caller id spoof for free "How do I spoof my caller ID?" is a common question umnogst new users to the technology as Caller ID spoofing is fairly new to most people. A vast majority have never even heard of it before, or, if they have heard the term, have no clue what it means let alone how to use the feature. Luckily, spoofing your caller ID is incredibly simple.

    First of all, because there are so many sites to choose from, it's not very difficult to find a starting point. Simply, search for "caller ID spoofing," "spoof my caller ID," or something along those lines. You should then be presented with several options. Go and check out a few different spoofing providers if you are interested in comparing prices and options. Some spoofing sites offer options that others don't, such as SMS spoofing, email spoofing, conference calling, international calling, voice changing, and record a call services. As well, some caller ID display spoofing companies offer a free trial (try or ). This is a bonus for people who have never tried it. Also, some spoofing services are far less expensive than others. Just visit a few and you can check to see how much each charges per minute.

    Once you find a spoofing service you feel comfortable with trying, you begin with signing up an account. Again, it's a bonus to find a site that offers a free trial. You will likely have to verify your account somehow (verify your phone number or email). If you decide to pay with a credit card (or in some cases money order, PayPal, or other method of payment), your credit card, email, and phone number will all be attached to your account. You will be given a PIN to use for each time you use the service. Some sites have a 1-800 number that you can use to make calls though you can use the internet to place your calls as well.

    If you choose to use the internet to place your calls you will just need your user name and password. Login to your account and start to place calls. There should be a field where you enter in your phone number. Your phone will ring once the call goes through. When you answer your phone, the person's phone that you chose to call will start to ring. Whatever number you chose to enter as your caller ID will show up (there will be a field in which you can enter a fake caller ID).

    If the website you are using offers a 1-800 number ( has one) then you would place your call through that using your PIN. You would dial the 1-800 number, enter your PIN, enter the number you are trying to call, and then enter a number you want to show up. The difference between using the internet to spoof your call rather than a 1-800 number is that you can choose to have a fake name show up as well. Most caller ID spoofing websites will have a FAQ page or a help page if you were not able to understand something. As well, some spoofing companies offer amazing customer service and will gladly answer any questions you might have. Also look for the companies that off you to spoof caller id free as a trial

    Steps on how to use Caller ID Spoofing:

    1) Find a caller ID spoofing site that you feel comfortable using
    2) Sign up and choose a user name and password (unless one is assigned to you)
    3) Enter a credit card if the site does not offer a free trial (start with the lowest amount if you are a first time buyer so that you can decide if you would like to continue using the service afterwards)
    4) Start placing your spoofed calls (some spoofing sites offer voice changing abilities so you can change your voice and record the call!)

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